Let’s get your dream physical product, whether it’s a candle, a yoga mat or a custom planner, designed, made and sold out.

In a time of uncertainty, let’s build something positive.

Let’s get your dream physical product, whether it’s a candle, a yoga mat or a custom planner, designed, made and sold out this year.

In a time of uncertainty, let’s build something positive. 

What kind of physical product do YOU want to make?

 I know why you’re here. You have an idea for an amazing physical product, right? Something that will change people’s lives, maybe a planner, a facial oil, a beautifully wearable piece of jewellery or the perfect yoga pants.

All you have to do is make it… right?

And that’s where it gets tricky. The world is suddenly very different. Your life might also be very different. Is it even possible to get a new product designed right now? And made? And into people’s hands?

Feel like hiding yet?

Maybe this was a bad idea.

You wish you knew what to do first. And what to do after that.

2020 and 2021 have both been pretty challenging, but you have an idea for a great new product that you’re pretty sure people are going to love, so how do you bring it to life in 2022?

 You don’t have the leisure or budget for “trial and error” – you’re pretty sure there must be a better way of getting your product made and out there.

  You  can imagine what your product will do and look like, but have no idea HOW to get it made or how to talk to printers or manufacturers, if they’re even still operating.

You know your idea is going to help people, but you’re pretty sure there is more to it than you know yet – manufacturing, branding, a website, packaging – how on earth can one person do all of this???

Rationally you know that it is possible to get a new physical product into stores, but how do you actually go about it, and should the events of the last 12 months change your strategy?

You KNOW your product will bring joy to your customers and change their lives for the better. What you don’t know is the exact steps for doing this smoothly and intentionally.


Imagine having a roadmap to get you all the way from CONCEPT to CUSTOMER

with the exact steps for designing, making and launching a sell-out product.


This is what you get inside The Profitable Product Launch.

From a dreamy idea to supplying my favourite retailers – worldwide.

When I launched these luxury leather notebooks into Anthropologie, it didn’t happen because I had a bursting address book of insider contacts or 10 years in the industry.

But it also didn’t happen by accident.

It happened because I had a SYSTEM.

It’s the system I share with my 1:1 clients, and it’s the system I’m sharing with you today.

A Sneak Peek Of What You’ll Get


Prepare for Success

The key to any successful business is research. Knowing your market means knowing your product and knowing your customer.

In the first module I’m going to teach you how to lay down the prep work for your product and marketing strategy before you even have a design.


  • Identify the trends at play in your industry, and find out what’s coming next.
  • Learn about your dream customer and how to create a product that will make her heart sing!
  • Understand the “secret sauce” factor and zoom in on the thing that nobody else is doing.


Design Your Winning Formula

You have a wonderful idea, but how do you get it from your head out there into physical form? The first step is design. I’m going to show you how to put pen to paper in a way that conveys your ideas clearly to your designer or manufacturer and then draws your dream customer in.


  • Design your product with a specification, or “spec” that your manufacturer or graphic designer can bring to life for you efficiently and smoothly.
  • Learn how to work productively with a professional designer to bring your vision to life.
  • Create a brand identity that aligns with your product AND your dream customer.


Make It Right – First Time

So now you have a design ready to go. What happens next? In this module I’m going to show you how work with a manufacturer and organise all the moving parts of a sell-out new physical product.


  • Find and work with your manufacturer with confidence, asking all the right questions and getting exactly what you want.
  • If you are making your product yourself, learn to turn this to your advantage, and scale when the time is right.
  • Set a price for your product that will allow your business to flourish.


Sell Like A Boss

You’ve done it – nearly! Your product is researched, designed, made and finally in your hands – so now what? In this final module I am going to show you how to build a launch that will put your product in front of the people who will love it as much as you do.


  • Get the inside scoop on digital marketing and get your campaign up and running quickly and economically.
  • Build an ecommerce website yourself – for free – that will oil the wheels of your entire online sales strategy.
  • Learn the ins and outs of working with retailers and how to approach them professionally and confidently.

What You Will Come Away With

Market Insight

Learn how to identify the right market for your product and how to nuance your product for your perfect customer.

Manufacturing Know-How

Discover how to find and work with manufacturers to get the product you want.

Elegant Messaging

Design a branding and messaging strategy that draws your perfect customer in and connects with her.

Negotiation Tactics

Learn now negotiate the best possible prices both with manufacturers and with the retailers you supply.

Marketing Savvy

Develop a concrete plan to get your product to the places you want to see it – into the hands of your dream customers, into their favourite magazines and blogs, and into their favourite stores.

Sales Strategy

Learn how to pitch to and negotiate with retailers and navigate trade shows to get great orders and build relationships that last.

Tech Expertise

Get the confidence you need to handle tech yourself and hold on to your marketing budget.

And Above All – Confidence

Feel calm and in control of all the moving parts of running a product-based business.

The Profitable Product Launch is PERFECT for you if you want to create…

Useful AND Stylish Planners & Paper Goods

Get the skinny on design and layout, as well as the perfect questions to ask your manufacturer and find out how to PRE launch your planner before you even hand over the $$$ to get it printed!

Mouth-Watering Food Products

Get your creations tested, into production and into the bellies of your most appreciative customers. Do your market research like a pro and find out how to scale your magic and work with retailers.

On Trend Accessories & Gifts

From the coolest concept stores to the most jaw-dropping trade shows, gifts and accessories is the buzziest industry out there for creatives like you! Learn how to keep your designs fresh, and get your work in front of your dream customers (and the stores they love).

Dreamy Apparel For Street Or Studio

Whether you are working with a concept or your own sewing machine, clothing is a thrilling and competitive niche to be in. Let’s identify your dream customer and craft a product AND a marketing campaign that she won’t be able to resist.

… or ANY OTHER physical product. That’s the beauty of this program.

Remember when Elle Woods reminded us that the rules of haircare are simple and finite?

Well this is 100% true of product design as well. In-depth research. A great design. A rock-solid manufacturing relationship. A smooth, effective sales strategy. 

WHATEVER your product idea is, The Profitable Product Launch will help you. I guarantee it. 

What if this was you:


  • knowing how to create a best-selling design that will delight your dream customer.
  • knowing exactly where to find the best manufacturers, how to compare them and what to ask for.
  • working with contractors confidently, and able to create a spec for a graphic designer that will save you time and money.
  • understanding the whole process of concept -> design -> manufacture -> delivery -> thrilled customer.
  • feeling calm and in control of all the moving parts of running a product-based business.

 This course is unlike any other out there.

We are going to lift the curtain on how a sold-out physical product is made.

I have supplied my own products to top retailers all over the world from Anthropologie to Liberty, from Harvey Nichols in London to Lane Crawford in Hong Kong. I still get the thrill of opening a magazine and spotting one of my designs in a luxury interiors project.

And I’m going to show you how it’s done.

I’m Sarah, and I’m the designer and product strategist behind The Profitable Product Launch.

I help ambitious, creative women (that’s you, by the way!) create and launch successful physical products. I have launched my own collections into luxury retailers all over the world – without needing 10 years of industry experience, a bulging address book or investors – and I want to show you how to do it too.

I am your very own product problem solver.

No matter what your niche is, I am here for you.

Sarah is great – she has the eye of a true designer so anything she creates oozes style. And she is quick! Wow! I’m amazed and impressed.She even helped me out with some of the writing for my website as I was struggling to find the right words. Comes highly recommended. Thank you Sarah!
Abagail D.


The Tools You’re Going To Get


12 Unmissable lessons that take you right into researching, designing, making and SELLING your product.

 12 Worksheets that will help you map out your entire business from day 1.

 An exclusive Trello planner for your product process – with a video walkthrough to make sure you get the full value from it.

“Without coming across Sarah, my planner would not be here today. Her online course set the stage for my success. Turning my dream into a reality. I sold out of my very first batch, and with Sarah’s guidance we are on track for a bright future.

I am beyond grateful for this resource. It has changed my life for the better. Thank you, Sarah!

Erica L.

But don’t stop scrolling yet. This is not “just” a course.

The Profitable Product Launch is a high touch group program with support every step of the way.

The Bonuses

When you sign up, you don’t just get my value-packed, insider view on how to successfully launch a beautifully designed  product you get these perfectly crafted bonuses: 

 Live group coaching calls every fortnight where you can ask all your questions and get pro feedback on your design and strategy

 An exclusive private community for serious product designers who are prepping for SUCCESS (i.e. YOU!)

 A growing library of niche resources for everything from web design to specific product deep dives.

Get a professional copywriter’s eyes on your website, product descriptions and emails.

If you decide to PAY IN FULL, you get this extra bonus:

 One private review of your product and strategy (by email) which you can redeem at any point during the program.

The Stack

Sarah helped me out on a tight situation for my business and brand – the support she provided for me was fantastic and her knowledge was priceless. She is worth every penny. Thank you Sarah! I enjoyed working with you and hope to work with you again in the near future.
Nathalie Mustafa


The Timing Is Perfect For You

The Profitable Product Launch is ready for you NOW and you will have access to this unique program for twelve months.

After you sign up, watch out for your welcome email to tell you what to expect and the dates and times of our calls.

Sign up NOW for the support and training to elevate your business this year.